The Magic of Transference is all about the transfer of energy from one source to another. For example a Kinetic can draw energy from a fire to reduce their fatigue and gain energy, or during a cold winter a Kinetic could draw energy from a tree to warm themselves up.


Most of the inhabitants of Elaia use Transference to some degree some even unconsciously. They Dryina have used it for centuries as hunters. When night fell during a hunt it was the most dangerous time and the hunters could not afford to sleep so they would build a large fire and sit in a circle with their backs to the flames and draw the energy they needed so stay awake form the fire. (Need to fill in a story of someone who learned to use it in a unique way)


The energy must be either draw into the Kinetic or they can expel energy from from their own bodies. Physical contact is not necessary for the transfer of energy but it does speed up the process exponentially.


Some of the most skilled Kinetics can draw in and expel energy from their bodies simultaneously almost acting a a channel to the flow. Also the more skill a Kinetic has the faster they can absorb or expel the energy.

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