The Seeded World is a planet that was targeted for human colonization, but was barren and devoid of life beyond simple cellular organisms. The humans had created a type of self replicating nano-machine that would accelerate the evolution of life. What happened to these humans that seeded this world is not know but within 5000 years the planet had a thriving ecosystem and intelligent life emerged. Five races of Intelligent life have arisen from near the locations of the five original seeding points. One of the unforeseen consequences of the nano-machines is that all life on the planet has developed a symbiotic relationship with this technology. The intelligent life has evolved to uses this technology instinctively without knowing what it is, they consider it magic. The creatures of this world use this magic in a more simplistic way but the five races have developed more complex uses of this power which they have classified into four categories: Assemblage, Transference, Imbuement, and Divination.

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