Otherwise known as nano machines were first created in the year 2065 and put into use in 2067 on the second lunar colony to help the colonists body's adapt to the lower gravity. These early Nanites were very basic in their function, they would help with monitoring the condition of the colonists, and could help with some basic chemical balancing in the blood. The first Nanites had very short life times and were uses sparingly. By the year 2180 most people who could afford it got injections of new Nanites twice a year to help keep their bodies functioning at peak potential for longer in adverse conditions. The Nanites at this time raised the life expectancy of those who regularly got injectoins to 150 years of age. The nano-tech that made the Nanites possible stagnated for the next 400 or so years, they gained small upgrades over those years like longer life times and the ability to heal more severe wounds, but they always needed to be replaced every few years and there was a limit to the difference in generations of Nanites a body could support. Most of the time a body that had old Nanites would not be able to receive injections of the newer generations of the Nanites as the old ones would see them as foreign bodies and attack.

Corporate Influence

During the height of their use the production of Nano machines was not well regulated but heavily controlled by many Corporations across the solar system. The five most prominent companies were: A-cross Systems, Tera Combine, E-Nano, Delta-Tech, and Vistacore. Some of the companies were focused on military application others civilian. These companies fought each other over the various markets in the sol system. Vistacore and E-Nano were more prominent in the Inner Republic and tailor to more high end consumers. A-cross Systems and Delta-Tech were the major suppliers in the Frontier Coalition they focused on more industrial and working class customers. Tera Combine tried to cater to the people stranded on Luna but were ultimately controlled by the criminal underworld that rules unofficially on the moon.

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