One of the four types of magic found on Elaia. The magic of Imbuement is centered around the exchanging of physical properties of one object to another. For example making wood as hard as stone or making metal brittle like sand.


Among the Dryina it was unknowingly used for a couple hundred years when the hunters were sent out they had their spears blessed by their ancestors through the village elder. This blessing was actually an act of Imbuement that made their wooden spears as hard as iron. The practical use of Imbuement was discovered when on one of these hunt's a young Dryina had to save her younger brother after a flash flood pinned him under a large tree. When she could not get him out on her own she accidentally used Imbuement to make the tree as brittle as sand. During the survival ordeal back the the village she learn more uses for this new found power and brought the use of Imbuement to the Dryina.


In order for Imbuement to be used the Conduit (person using Imbuement) must be in physical contact with both objects. The act of Imbuement takes longer for larger destination objects. If the destination object is more massive than the source object then the conduit will have some of their vitality drained in order to complete the Imbuement. If the source object is larger than the destination object then the conduit will suffer no ill effects.


Over time a Conduit may hone their skill of Imbuement which may manifest itself in greater control of what properties are taken from the source object and what parts of the destination object receive the Imbuement. The speed of the transfer may also increase.

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