Earth History:

1957-Oct. First Satellite Launched by USSR

1969-July First men on the moon

1990-Aug. Hubble Telescope Deployed

2010-Dec. First Privately owned spacecraft launched into orbit

2017-Nov. First Astronauts to live a year in space return to earth

2035-June Severe drought strikes the northern hemisphere leading to vast dust storms

2047-Feb. First Astronauts to live at Lunar Colony arrive for 5 year stay

2052-Apr. Colonists return from moon suffer to re-acclimate back to earth

2059-May Second major drought strikes causing enough dust to cool the planet for a few years

2067-Jan. Major breakthrough in nano-tech that would make second lunar colony viable

2073-Mar. Second Lunar Colony established to be sustained for 12 years

2075-June Outbreak of Flu on Lunar colony leads to increase security for space travel

2081-Jan. First Extraterrestrial birth at the lunar colony child is named Selene

2085-May Four year old Selene returns home to earth with her family

2085-June Tests show that Selene's body is adapting to the nano-tech introduced at birth and is able to acclimate to earth with no problems.

2103-July New Rocket Technology gets a probe to Neptune in one month

2105-Sept. Plane crash in Canada starts largest forest fire in history, the fire consumes a Nuclear power facility, this event is known as the Great Desolation.

2106-Jan. The fallout from the Great Desolation has made the northern US uninhabitable

2108-May A new global government is formed with the mandate of setting up new colonies in our solar system

2110-July Selene returns to the Lunar Colony where she was born along with 300 others to expand the colony

2116-Sept. Helium-3 is mined on the moon another group is sent to Mars to establish a colony there Selene goes with

2118-Dec. Group of independent scientists set up a colony in an undisclosed location in the asteroid belt

2120-June A colony of floating cities is established in Venus's upper atmosphere

2140-Jan. The start of a mass exodus from earth to the colonies is spurned on by the deteriorating environment and corporations hiring for off planet jobs.

Colony History

2180 There are now more humans living in Colonies on Venus, Mars, Gamymede, Titan, and the moon than are living on earth.

2217 With advances in Space travel it now is possible for people to travel between colonies with relative ease interstellar travel is still beyond our grasp

2256 There are rumors of high energy pulses from inside the Asteroid belt. 

2269 The Venus has become a place of luxury where the rich revel in pleasure, the moon is mostly filled with the poor who want to leave earth but have no money to get any farther. Mars is home to a thriving industrial community and the asteroid belt is filled with a mix of rouges, pirates, mercs and the more adventurous leaning scientists. Gamymede, Titan are mostly mining colonies. 

2291 The first rumblings of war are heard from the asteroid belt as the pirate gangs and mercs turn on each other with advanced weapons that have not been seen before. 

2304 A group of Scientists leaves the war torn asteroid belt to continue their research in peace on Rhea 

2340 After Decades of armed conflict the asteroid belt it declared no fly zone for the public and more expensive and longer routes are created to span the inner and outer planets 

2348 No longer able to maintain political control of both the inner and outer planets the Government of Humanity splits into the Inner Republic and the Frontier Coalition 

2364 Mars now has over 500,000,000 people living underground in habitats that don't require suits and has a self sustaining economy, The Frontier Coalition is mostly being run by the various corporations that call Mars home.  

2389 More than 200 years without a large human population the earth's environment is recovering and so the Inner Republic has restricted the travel to Earth.  

2400 The population of the earth is at the lowest it's been in 600 years and most cities have been abandoned for more rural living.  

2412 The colony surround the Lunar Spaceport is now mostly a slum and home to some of the poorest people in the solar system.  

2437 The largest explosion ever recorded in our solar system is detected in the Asteroid belt and sends some large asteroids into rogue orbits, The scientists of the Inner Republic scramble to plot their new trajectories, it is dubbed the Nobel Blast    

2489 The scientists on Rhea create a stable wormhole that leads between research stations on Rhea, they start experimenting with traversal though the wormhole    

2513 The nano-tech that has been commonplace for the past 300 years receives a major upgrade when the scientist first observe a living body pass though the wormhole, They are now able to self replicate instead of people needing new ones injected several times over their now 150+ year lifespans    

2524 With successful testing of larger scale wormhole generation and no ill effects being reported by the survivors of wormhole travel the scientists on Rhea start planning an extra solar journey    

2538 The new breakthroughs in nano-tech have helped with the dream of transforming planets to make more earths for humanity to grow even more    

2546 The first spacecraft with wormhole generation capabilities is tested successfully traveling from Rhea to Gamymede is less than a second    

2558 Tension Rises between the Inner Republic and the Frontier Coalition over resources from earth, Mas is reaching it's population limit    

2563 War breaks out between the Inner Republic and the Frontier Coalition both sides hire mercs out of the asteroid belt    

2564 The scientist on Rhea make covert trips to earth to gather sample to planet seeding, before the war can consume earth itself    

2571 The mercs start weaponizing asteroids and send them hurtling towards population centers    

2572 The Rhea scientists and their families along with some hired mercs board the ARK ship and leave this solar system the first humans to do so    

Wandering History

2572 The first stop in searching for a new world takes them to our closest solar neighbor Alpha Centauri

2583 Having visited many systems in their search for their new home some of the people aboard the ARK are getting restless and want to return to earth

2587 An Ultimatum is declared by a dissident faction on the ARK if not planet is found in the next year they are going to take control of the ARK and return to earth

2588 No suitable planet has been found and so the dissidents attempt to take control of the ARK, during the struggle one of the scientists inputs one last set of coordinates

2588 This last desperate act leads the ARK to an unknown system with a bright blue star about one and half the mass of sol, with a few terrestrial bodies orbiting it.

2589 After a year of testing they determine that the second of five terrestrial planets in this system is the best suited to support life

The Seeded World History

Year 0 = 2589 Earth Year

1 Earth Year = 2.17 Elaia Years (Dates listed in Elaia Years)

0 The ARK is put into orbit above the planet dubbed Elaia

ElaiaMap V1 Display

2 The scientists open a wormhole to below the surface of Europa in the sol system and use the water to flood the lowlands of Elaia to form oceans

4 The new oceans have settled and now the world is seeded with life, the plant and animal specimens taken from earth are released at five primary locations on the surface along with the nanites to help foster growth

11 After three Earth years of observation the crew of the ARK all go into stasis sleep to wait until the planet is ready for human habitation

13 The last known log of the ARK

977 Elaia's surface is now mostly covered in vegetation and animals are starting to spread into new environments

2170 Animals now roam most of the surface of Elaia and are showing interesting symbiotic relationships with each other as well as a more subtle relation with the nanites

2600 Something unexpected happens and across Elaia five intelligent races of humanoid figures appear that seem to have evolved on Elaia itself they are: Dryina, Jikit, Fiaus, Quil, Thran.

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