They are one of the Intelligent races on Elaia. They most likely evolved from a species of deer and look similar to the fauns of ancient earth mythology. They are familiar with the magic of Imbuement and Transference. They live shorter lives than humans only living to be 30ish earth years old or 65 in Elaia Years.


The Dryina are a bipedal race that has the legs of a deer complete with hooves and fur and the upper body of a human. The males stand on average six to six and a half feet tall. The females are about the same height but average a bit shorter. Most of the Dryina are slim of frame and their legs are not designed to support much weight. The fur covering their lower bodies extends upwards to cover their stomachs. Over the years as the Dryina have spread the color and pattern of the fur has adapted, but it generally is light to dark brown, gray to black. When Dryina are young they tend to have light spots on their fur. The skin of their upper bodies is usually tan but can be lighter or darker.

Their upper bodies appear human for the most part except for a few differences. They have hands like a human but their fingers end in hard dark nails that cover the tips. The nails are very similar to their hooves in color and density. They are often filed to points to allow for more dexterous maneuvering.The Face is where most of the difference can be seen between man and Dryina. Dryina have large expressive eyes and long rounded ears that stick out from the side of their heads. Their three to five inch ears twitch and swivel at sounds around them. Through out most of the year all Dryina's eyes are the same deep brown, but in the winter months they lighten to a blue or green, the colder the climate the lighter the eyes get. Some of the Dryina living high in the mountains have been seen having almost white eyes in the dead of winter. The past difference in the face is their nose. the bridge of the nose has a flat taper from the forehead to tip and is smaller than a human nose. Male Dryina also grow antlers on their heads which they shed yearly. As a Dryina ages his antlers grow larger and more intricate.


The culture of the Dryina shifts with the seasons. During they Summer and Autumn the males rule, but as soon as then shed their antlers the females are in charge. The transfer of power happens when a male Dryina give his mate his shed antlers. When they are children the mothers will collect the antlers but when they are old enough they give their antlers to their mate. Once he gives up his antlers he gives up authority he has and not giving them up is very frowned upon. It is this trading of power and fairness which is the core of the Dryina culture. Even from their earliest days as hunters gatherers they would only hunt predators because they had the ability to fight back.


1200 The first clans of Dryina appear along the lakes in the forests on the northern part of the main continent of Elaia.

1300 The First one hundred years the Dryina clans mostly consisted of extended family and they kept to themselves with little interaction with other clans.

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